A six foot wall of debris came to rest inside the main station during Hurricane Ike, completely destroying the building.


On December 5th, 1970, a group of eight members of the small community of Crystal Beach, located on the Bolivar Peninsula, formed a voluntary association.  They formed an association that would be a true asset to their community, an association that is still active over 40 years later.  This association would be called “Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department.” The Secretary of State of the State of Texas issued the charter of this group of men. The corporation was formed and created for the purpose of organizing and maintaining a volunteer fire company as permitted under Title 32, Chapters 1 and 9, Texas, R.C.S. 1925.

The newly created corporation was to exist, according to the charter to serve the residents of Crystal Beach. It was not for profit and had no capital stock. It did have some contributed goods, chattels, and credits of an estimated value of $1500. The original eight citizens forming the corporation were Walter Kelsey, Eddie Robinson, W.O. Johnson, Joe Willis, Joe Kahla, L.J. Broussard, Bob Wicker, and Lawrence Kurn

As stipulated in the charter, the area to be served was "from Boyt Road near Port Bolivar to the Singing Sands subdivision in Crystal Beach;” unincorporated area in Galveston County, Texas.

The Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department, in time, built and occupied a fire station on the southwest corner of the intersection of State Highway 87 and Monkhouse Drive in Crystal Beach.


Over the next 40 years, many stations would be occupied, but the location would always stay the same.  The initial station was a barn type structure, a building built out of four telephone poles on the corners, with tin placed on the sides and roof to protect the fire equipment.  In the late 70’s / early 80’s, a new station was built.  This station was built out of cinder block bricks.  It had three bays for the apparatus, and also had offices and a community meeting hall within the building.  In the 1980’s, when Crystal Beach was an incorporated city, the police department, police and fire dispatch, and city jail were also housed in the building.  With the growing needs of the community, the volunteers sensed another need for expansion.  In 1992, ground was broken on a 5000 square foot building that would be used strictly for housing fire department equipment and apparatus.  This particular building, and the building built in the early 1980’s but were used until the summer of 2008, when Hurricane Ike came ashore with an 18 foot storm surge and completely destroyed both buildings.  Through the leadership of our current members, fire and rescue operations continued after the Hurricane, even without a building.  Once the water receded, the cleanup began.  Over the course of two years, both buildings were completely rebuilt through the guidance of our membership.

Significant capital improvements have been made possible through the years due to the generous community support and because of financial donations over the years. The last two major capital improvement purchases were in 2000 with a new fire engine and in 2004 with a new brush truck.  The population of the area has grown consistently during the years since the formation of the Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department, and increase demand for services. 

Presently, the Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department has a membership of 30 firefighters.  Its firefighting equipment includes one fire engine, one brush truck, one tanker truck, one heavy duty rescue / command truck, and other additional pieces of specialized equipment including a rescue boat and Sea-Doo personal water craft for beach water rescues.

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