The Training & Professional Development Division is overseen by Battalion Chief and Certification Coordinator Gerald Looper. Gerald is a 20 year student, operator and educator in multiple branches of emergency service.   

          The Training & Professional Development Division has a primary focus is to develop and provide the highest quality training and education to the members of the Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department, our surrounding agencies, and the public we serve. Agency compliance within a multitude of complex Federal, State and local standards and regulations is ensured by the actions of this Division. Programs are delivered in the following areas:

  • Fire Suppression and Fireground Operations
  • All-Hazards Emergency Response (Wildland Urban Interface, Disaster and Terrorism Response)
  • Rescue Operations (Vehicle Extrication, Surf and Swiftwater Rescue, Technical Rope Rescue)
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Professional Development
  • Urban Search and Rescue (USAR)
  • Firefighter Safety and Survival

                Bolivar Peninsula Fire Training Schedule for 2015

            January 2015
                Jan 7th - Crystal Beach Fire FD - Welcome / Meet and Greet
                Jan 15th - Port Bolivar FD - Fire Department History and Organization
                Jan 22nd - High Island FD - Firefighter Safety and Survival 
                Jan 29th - Crystal Beach FD - Fire Behavior

            February 2015
                Feb 5th - Port Bolivar - Fire Attacks / Fire Streams
                Feb 12th - High Island - Fire Hoses / Appliances
                Feb 20th - Port Bolivar FD - SCBA
                Feb 26th - Crystal Beach FD - Ladders

            March 2015
                March 4th - High Island FD - Ventilation
                March 12 - Port Bolivar FD - Rescue Operations
                March 19th - Crystal Beach FD - Forcible Entry
                March 26 - Fort Travis Park - Life Fire Training (Night time)

           April 2015
                April 5th - Fort Travis - Live Fire Training (Day time)

        If you are interested in attending training with the Crystal Beach Volunteer Department or would like to know more about our Training and Professional Development Division, please contact:

Crystal Beach

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